Expert Electricians on Hawaii's Big Island

Always on, always here for you

Whether it is your home, office, or industrial property, you need a reliable electrician to keep your electrical system safe, efficient, and functional. As a fully insured and licensed electrician on the Island of Hawaii, residents trust the work to Always On Electric. They specialize in everything from home wiring to solar, and their trained team of electricians is committed to being the best on the island.

Always On Electric has one goal, and their business name makes it clear. They work hard to make sure your lights are always on when you need them to be. Electrical wiring is complicated and dangerous, and they take their job seriously. They care about protecting you, your family, and your property as much as you do, and they abide by strict professional standards to meet safety codes and regulations. When you hire them, you will be confident knowing security and energy efficiency of your property is in the reliable hands of a local electrician.    

Laying Electric Cable

24-hour Emergency Service

This team strives to live up to their name and make sure that your lights are always on. To do so, they offer 24-hour emergency services, ensuring that you have access to repair services whenever you need them.

Expert Service

If it runs on electricity or has wiring, chances are their team can take care of it. For any issue you’re facing, whether it’s with an installation or a repair, they have the knowledge and experience to resolve it.

Customer Service

Always On Electric is committed to your satisfaction and safety. Their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau is just one way they prove to our customers that they care and will provide quality results on every job.
Commercial Electric Breaker Box

The electrical contractors at Always On Electric work in teams of industrial, commercial, and residential electricians to provide a full range of electrical services. When you are at home, they will handle ceiling fan installation and every other aspect of your home electrical wiring. When you are at work, affordable electrical repair and inspection make your job easier. Hire them for regular electrical maintenance or call them for 24-hour emergency service; you will always be satisfied with their work.

Always On Electric is proud of their A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau®, and they are proud to serve Big Island residents. Schedule an appointment with an experienced electrician by calling us today.